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The Andrew Lanteri Group

The Andrew Lanteri Group is a team of experienced and licensed real estate agents and construction professionals serving Western North Carolina. With a proven track record of getting results quickly and a direct line of communication at all times.

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After several unpleasant experiences renovating his own homes and investments, Andrew recognized the need for a better approach to connecting with contractors. Out of this, a construction services arm of The Andrew Lanteri Group was born in partnership with Lukasz Kutkowski. At the Andrew Lanteri Group we prioritize attention to detail and we have created a system that allows us to provide competitive pricing and prompt communication - something that was lacking in our previous experiences with contractors.

Both Andrew and Lukasz bring their own unique perspectives to every job. Andrew's real estate sales experience enables clients to envision their dream home and set accurate improvement budgets before they ever even make a purchase. In addition he can provide advice for budget-conscious homeowners and real estate investors on where they will see the greatest return on their investment. Lukasz's experience in various roles in the construction industry and his history of renovating several homes of his own means he has a keen eye for detail. His calming presence and demeanor can transform a stressful renovation into a seamless experience.

Team Members

Andrew Lanteri

Andrew Lanteri

Sales/Design & Broker
Lukasz Kutkowski

Lukasz Kutkowski

Construction Manager